Recently, a peer teaching group that I was recently involved with arrived at a consensus that the main problem in revision is the negative attitude connotated to the act of revising. Students find it taxing, laborious, and above all, boring. Thus, the main goal that my group strived to achieve was to show how revision can be fun to do, and that it’s necessary to do. In order to accomplish this goal, we knew that we had to look beyond the standardized version of “just revising.” So, we started Google searching and Pinterest browsing revision games and activities that covered revision. This actually took quite a long time. Finally, we found a revision activity thrown in to a “news broadcast” format. Students would articulate their suggested revisions and comments into broadcasting language, showing what the “big” problems in the paper were as “big” news. Not only did this idea make the act of revision into something much more interactive and entertaining for students, it also required them to place their comments in hierarchical order, forcing them to identify what the most significant issue in the paper is. Our main hopes for the activity was to increase student engagement with revision.

There were a few problems that we encountered while conducting the activity. First and foremost, time was not on our side. With a twenty-minute time frame, we didn’t have the time we needed to fully explain and go over the instructions for the activity, so I felt that not everyone fully understood what they were doing. In addition, students did not have enough time to complete the activity. So, instead of every group creating at least three news broadcast statements, they only had one. Thus, the follow-up discussion did not reach its full potential because we could not discuss the variations between groups and the elements of the paper that they felt were in most need for revision, and which were least significant and why. If I were to conduct this activity again, I would definitely make sure to give myself at least thirty-five to forty minutes to complete it, which would hopefully alleviate the issues that my group had. However, I do think that my group achieved our main goal and proved that revision can be FUN!


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